Topics of Interest

In order to foster a lively exchange of perspectives on the subject of the conference, the programme committee of ICGT 2020 encourages all kinds of contributions related to graphs and graph transformation, either from a theoretical point of view or a practical one.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following subjects:

  1. General models of graph transformation (e.g. adhesive categories and hyperedge replacement systems)
  2. Analysis and verification of graph transformation systems
  3. Graph theoretical properties of graph languages
  4. Automata on graphs and parsing of graph languages
  5. Logical aspects of graph transformation
  6. Computational models based on graphs
  7. Structuring and modularization of graph transformation
  8. Hierarchical graphs and decomposition of graphs
  9. Parallel, concurrent, and distributed graph transformation
  10. Term graph and string diagram rewriting
  11. Petri nets and other models of concurrency
  12. Business process models and notations
  13. Bigraphs and bigraphical reactive systems
  14. Graph databases and graph queries
  15. Model-driven development and model transformation
  16. Model checking, program analysis and verification, simulation and animation
  17. Syntax, semantics and implementation of programming languages, including domain-specific and visual languages
  18. Graph transformation languages and tool support
  19. Efficient algorithms (e.g. pattern matching, graph traversal, network analysis)
  20. Applications and case studies in software engineering (e.g. software architectures, refactoring, access control, and service-orientation)
  21. Applications to computing paradigms (e.g. bio-inspired, quantum, ubiquitous, and visual)